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Cause Meningitis can You Go

Maybe there are still many people who do not know about the types of this disease is meningitis. Therefore on this occasion we will explain the cause of the disease meningits what you can say. Miningitis disease is one disease that currently needs to be alert. As we know in a few months ago one of the comedy artist Olga Syaputra have died due to the disease meningitis or meningitis. In diseases caused by viruses and some bacteria. Viruses and bacteria are generally not harmful, but if on leave without treatment it will be bad for the health of the victim. Meningitis itself has three types:
  1. Viral meningitis: viral meningitis disease is usually caused by a serious illness with severe conditions types of viral meningitis can cause prolonged heat wave accompanied by seizures - seizures.
  2. Bacterial meningitis: bacterial meningitis disease is so not to be taken lightly because the disease is bacterial meningitis directly attack the brain, causing brain damage and bodily complaints which can progress to death, disease meningitis is usually caused by bacteria. But for meningitis caused by bacteria tends to be  than that caused by a virus.
  3. Mushrooms Meningitis: Meningitis disease caused by a fungus this rarely happens because of this type are usually only suffered by patients suffering from damage to the immune / her immune system such as AIDS sufferers thing.
Symptoms of meningitis disease itself is a symptom of meningitis is generally the same as with other diseases. Among frequent headaches, nausea, vomiting and body ache. When meningitis disease more severe symptoms that accompany it are often sleepy, stiff neck, very sensitive to light up having a seizure. Here we will explain about some of the causes of meningitis that can be you know, are as follows:

bacterial Meningitis
Acute bacterial meningitis usually occurs after the bacteria entered the bloodstream and bermigrasu into the brain and spinal cord. In addition through this process can also occur directly by attacking the meninges as a result of an ear infection or sinus or severe skull.

Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus)
This is one of the more common types of bacteria that attack and cause meningitis in infants or children. This one type of bacteria that can cause disease other than meningitis can also cause strep throat infection (pneumonia), or Tongga nose (sinus).

Neisseria meningitis (meningococcus)
Bacteria which can be both cause meningitis is Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus). Usually these bacteria initially infect the respiratory tract and then enter the bloodstream. This bacterium infects primarily in young children and has a very high transmission rates. One to prevent the transmission of these bacteria can be done by the vaccine.

Now that some of the bacteria that can cause meningitis can you know. Meningitis can  by non-infectious, or so-called aseptic meningitis or caused not due to infection by bacteria, but is caused by a virus. So hopefully with the explanation this time to increase knowledge of the causes of meningitis. 
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